[POSTER] Original vs. Remake Movie posters

Interesting post about many movie posters compared with their remade versions, here is a little abstract:

“Remaking a movie, or anything really, is an odd thing to do. Essentially those involved are saying either ‘it was done wrong the first time, we can do it better’ or ‘it worked before, so let’s repackage this and make some money’. So what about the designers behind the marketing material? They can either reinterpret the poster in the same way the director might reinterpret the movie, or they could go right off centre and doing something altogether different. In this four part series, I pit the originals against the remakes for 50 movies; totalling in 100 posters.

One thing to note: in all but one or two cases, these are the posters that Wikipedia provides as the theatrical versions. With pretty much any movie there are many, many posters, depending on the country they were released in, budget, the cast involved and a million other things. So for these posts, I’m only talking about the two posters shown.”

Read the complete entry here: http://retinart.net/graphic-design/50remakes-ag


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