[LOGO] Citroen brand unveils new logotype

by Alex Brownsell, marketingmagazine.co.uk 06-Feb-09, 09:40

LONDON – Citroen has unveiled a new corporate identity to help modernise the brand and improve the appeal with style-conscious drivers.

Citroen logo.svg


The updated visual identity, created by branding agency Landor, has retained the classic chevron logo and the predominant red and white colouring. But the chevrons have been reshaped for a more three-dimensional, ‘liquid’ appearance.

It is the first major re-branding exercise at the French car manufacturer since 1985. The new look will extend to all future above- and below-the-line campaigns, as well as dealership material and point-of-sale marketing.

Citroen will draw attention to the re-brand with a four-day marketing campaign featuring a new strapline, ‘Créative Technologie’, which launches today. The campaign involves a brand-led TV execution and a press ad in the Telegraph split over two pages, which comes together when the broadsheet is folded in half.

Landor UK’s executive director corporate brands Andrew Welch, who has worked on the project with Landor’s office in Paris, said the agency was briefed to create a more sophisticated look and feel for the brand.

‘The branding has to engage those, particularly outside of France, who have never really considered the brand. We have looked to retain what is valuable and instantly recognisable as Citroen, but force consumers to reconsider the brand,’ said Welch.

Logo Citroen.png


you can learn more about CITROEN in this link


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