Design Contests Are Dangerous For Your Business

You have to read this great article by Robert Wurth, Creative Director for Freshly Squeezed Design

“Right now, there exists a trend in the business world whereby companies get it in their heads that it would be a good idea to run a contest for their design work. What they will do is announce that they need, say, a new logo. The intent is for designers to individually spend the time to develop designs and then submit them. The company then goes over the entries and selects a “winner.” Only the winner receives any compensation for the work.

On the surface, and without applying any deeper thought to it, this might seem like a great idea. Rather than trust one designer to come up with a solution, a company can solicit the creative talent of dozens, or even hundreds of talented creatives.

As with most things, however, the reality of the situation is rarely so simple.”

Read the complete article in NO!SPEC site @

Other opinions about design contests aren’t much different from Wurth, like this two:

George (eLogoContest) says: “We regularly have “designers” attempting to pass off ripped work as their own, thanks to our viligant community of designers these “designers” are usually reported and banned within minutes of posting the work, let’s see that happen with a conventional studio!”

Steve (Logo Factor) says: “On any logo design contest site, that’s ANY site that uses the contest model, I can guarantee that copied logos will eventually find their way into the submissions. To say that this happens ‘regularly’ at conventional studios, or with fairly established freelancers is, to be charitable, nonsense. It doesn’t.”

Read, get ready, pass along 🙂



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