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A little Interface humor

Someone post this on twitter  a weeks ago, doing some research with a little help from google i found the creators: Brad Colbow and Brad Dielman,  graphic designers in Cleveland Ohio who weekly release “The Brads“, their comic strip.

Find more great humor at http://www.bradcolbow.com/



30 clean logos

Logos are everywhere, and every one of them is a visual element that serves basic functions :


A logo identifies your company, represents you to the outside world. Often it’s the first thing a potential customer sees.


Your logo will distinguish you from your competition providing a way for customers to recognize and select you amidst others.


It communicates something direct, and sometimes subtle about your company. What does your logo say about your company? Classy? Trustworthy? Serious? or Unprofessional? Sloppy? Outdated?

Most logos accomplish the 3 functions with varying degrees of effectiveness. How does yours measure up?

Analize the 30 logos presented here about how they represent the brand through color, shapes, and typography. GET INSPIRED and don’t forget to post your thoughts ! 🙂

Diamond Bookstore by Malik Joanna

Diamond Bookstore

– Killed Productions by ethereal

Killed Productions

– Lochness by Navy Blue Design


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Need a new staircase at the agency?

Then watch this beautiful examples of out-of-ordinary staircase designs!
Tell us with what you thought of!

Helical Stairs

The gradual upward rotation if this staircase is extremely elegant and the user is almost unaware of the change in elevation. [link]

Helical Stairs

Spiral Staircase Slide

Creative spiral staircase design with incorporated slide for kids. [link]

Spiral Staircase Slide

Minimal Staircase

Unique staircase designed by Ecole for modern apartment in Paris. [link]

Minimal Staircase

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[interview] MASA

I found this interview {in spanish} of Miguel Vásquez| MASA, designer from Latin America, especifically, from Venezuela!

He’s a good example of what freelance designers can achieve when they exploit their resources , even inside your parent’s house. MASA’s body of work includes illustration for international clients in the music, sport, fashion and art direction business, for example: AXN, Nike, Burton Snowboards, Adidas, GQ, Absolut Vodka, just to name a few.

See the interview [in spanish, without english subs]

His portfolio is full of very inspirational and unusual work you just have to check out at his site: MASA | D esign from Latin America

MASA’s room for Hotel Fox in Copenhagen