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[DRAW] Doodles

Original Post: http://www.doodlage.com/?p=258
10000 Doodles (Literally!!!)

by RaShell on 2008-10-07

There are probably about 10,000 reasons why I like this blog, called 10000 Pages
1. It’s all DOODLES all the way…
2. It’s a coloring book in the making…
3. It’s abstract, elegant, simple and inspiring (ok, that was 3, 4, 5, and 6)
Alright, I’ll spare you the 99994 other reasons, but I insist you check it out. The “Ten Thousand Page Colouring Book” is a work in progress. Pages of this “book” are filled in reverse order, starting from Page 9999. I’ll tell you right away, now it’s Page 9280, so there are roughly… 720 lovely doodles for you to admire!!!

And if this wasn’t enough, mysterious PIXO has a sleuth of other doodle-related blogs.
Tired of black and white? Here’s some eye-popping color at Colour Noodles

Wanna see what happens if you apply colour, shade and depth to abstract line drawings? Run to Rendered Line Art:

Been there? Jump to Random Graphical Thots:

Sick of still pictures? Move over to see videos at Rock Paper Scissors:

Undrawing Page 9363 R from Pixo Hammer on Vimeo.

Prefer digital art to messy pens and pencils? Welcome to Scratch and Save:

Wanna see something really bizarre, yet somehow fascinating and thought provoking – stop at Skin Bag Song:

This is a whole Doodling Empire, a Drawing Universe, filled with strange creatures and exciting projects. Way to go, Pixo, whoever you are…
(damn, my blogroll is getting overwhelmingly long….)