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18 Brochure Design Samples

Creating an effective Brochure Design for a direct mail campaign is no easy task. Most businesses usually have a limited budget and you need to make sure the design will be as effective as possible. When designing a brochure its tempting to cram it full of as much information as possible, but the real goal is to get the reader to take action, not overload them with information. Taking action could be anything from visiting a website to calling a phone number and will vary from business to business.

A brochure is supposed to provide additional information on a topic the potential client or consumer is interested in. It should highlight important benefits, features, build confidence and have the proper call to actions. The design should be eye-catching and consistent with your branding. Clients often give designers a large amount of information to fit into a brochure and fitting in all this information is often the hardest part. Try to beak up the information using white space, sub titles, images and so on. If there is just way to much information, ask the client if its possible to cut down the amount of text.

Check out the Brochures below to see what solutions other designers have come up with.

Brochure Design Samples




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