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Grunge design isn’t dead, is in zombie mode

Sometime between the morning coffee and the “get mail” button stomp with a good article about grunge design, decosntruction and what has been of it in the past decade. The author list examples of agencies and designers keeping the movement alive and responsible for the evolution and possible decay of it.

They say David Carson is the “father of grunge” because he rejected typical type layouts and played with non-mainstream techniques to achieve different results. He surrounded himself in the Southern California surf/skate culture in the late 80s and early 90s where he began to make his mark. This went on to help define the visual aesthetic for surf/skate culture as fans began to identify with it.

The post was written by Jeff Finley , one of the owners of Go Media and admin of the GoMediaZine. You can check the complete article at the site here.

Can good design save the newspaper?

What would you tell me if after a redesign, your  old-classy-boring newspaper got an award as The World’s Best Designed Newspaper ?

Would you read it more often? would it increase their sales? well, you can find those answers in this short talk [only 6 minutes!] by designer Jacek Utko, an extraordinary Polish newspaper designer whose redesigns for papers in Eastern Europe not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%.

Jacek Utko designs to save newspapers

If you have trouble viewing the video try viewing it here:

Web design trends 2010 ?

I’m glad to welcome you to our blog again, we hope to hear about you and your new projects soon, leave a comment or send us a message from our site (kurven).

We are ready for what is to come this year!

So are you anxious about what will be the ruling trends for this year? here is a presentation I found about web design trends.

The first part makes fun about those “great” ideas clients have (“I want a gear in my site, oh, and a Light Bulbe, but a very very VERY shiny one!”); the second part are the aledgelly trends to come (although some of them are so 2008!)

but, in my opinion, i don’t like to follow! so i’ll give you just a little advice:

A little advice for you

[interview] MASA

I found this interview {in spanish} of Miguel Vásquez| MASA, designer from Latin America, especifically, from Venezuela!

He’s a good example of what freelance designers can achieve when they exploit their resources , even inside your parent’s house. MASA’s body of work includes illustration for international clients in the music, sport, fashion and art direction business, for example: AXN, Nike, Burton Snowboards, Adidas, GQ, Absolut Vodka, just to name a few.

See the interview [in spanish, without english subs]

His portfolio is full of very inspirational and unusual work you just have to check out at his site: MASA | D esign from Latin America

MASA’s room for Hotel Fox in Copenhagen